The beauty brand "THE GRACES BEAUTY" takes its name from the three Graces of Greek mythology. Aglaia, Euphrosyne, and Thalia were the three nymphs who served Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, and were responsible for preserving her beauty. Our goal is to help our customers maintain their own beauty through the use of our high-quality products. In today's fast-paced world, it can be easy to lose touch with our own beauty. We hope that our products will awaken the inner Aphrodite and bring out the unique beauty within you.

Our story

Introducing The Graces Beauty brand, founded by the dynamic Asian-Australian entrepreneur Harley Do. With a successful track record in various industries, Harley found inspiration in the stunning natural beauty of Australia to bring a touch of nature to your skincare routine.

With a focus on using natural ingredients, Harley teamed up with top cosmetic labs and manufacturers in Australia to create products that are both effective and safe. Her expertise in utilizing natural materials, combined with smart business decisions and production processes, has made The Graces Beauty a burgeoning brand in the industry.

Under Harley's leadership, The Graces Beauty has become a well-received name both in Australia and abroad, offering natural solutions to skincare concerns. Get ready to embrace the power of nature with The Graces Beauty.


Becoming one of the leading innovative cosmetic brands from Asia to the world.


Creating products that best suit the human body characteristics and culture of each region. Looking at skin care products that affect and changes skin cell function, giving you real, lasting results.


All our skincare products are unique and are made in Queensland, Australia in a facility that is GMP licensed by an internationally acclaimed GMP certification body. This is why we can proudly say that our products are to the highest Australian standards.

Cooperate sincerely, and share opportunities with partners, distributors, retailers, and agents in every distribution channel.

Bringing the most significant benefits to customers, distribution systems, partners and internal employees, and members of the company.